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It's time for greeting cards ! I've been doing them for a couple of years and am astonished people still want me to do them and this year too, I'll be doing them for people who want one :D

I'll ship them anywhere, don't be afraid to ask ! ^__^

Please ask for a fandom and/or some characters you would like to see featured :)

For those who are not familiar with these characters, they are based on Carter and Benton from ER but they are not them either XD Benton basically became the mean guy and Carter is the whiner weak one XD I don't really remember what kind of thing I had with ER when I started to draw them, but I made them as a joke to a friend, in little comics I draw on the letters I was sending her. And it became a habit of mine to draw silly stickmen comics. Carter and Benton are my very first and kinda favorite characters for it, but I've been doing those with pretty much anything as long as I know the fandom :)

So ask me for a fandom and I'll let you know if I'm not confortable with it ^^

So far I'll be doing :

-Flore : X-Men - ErikCharles
-Marie : Glee - Klaine
-Jun : undefined
-Audrey : Gackt ?
-Marine : Tiger & Bunny
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