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I saw this meme on [ profile] vespabee's lj and it made me want to do it :D

Clint Eastwood!Marty McFly from Back to the Future 3, for the Back to the Future themed wedding of [ profile] mirabel_2007 :) That was a lot of fun.
Johannes Krauser II from Detroit Metal City. That was a lot of fun too XD I sung "Satsugai" and pretended to play with a Guitar Hero guitar and raped Athena (Saint Seiya) on stage XD' I didn't write the script...
Hit Girl from Kick Ass. I just did this one on New Year's Eve, at [ profile] mirabel_2007 and her husband's flat, where they hosted a superheroes party. :D Made me want to cosplay Hit Girl "for real" (because this one was a "findincloset" cosplay)
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