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Jun. 15th, 2013 09:49 pm
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Yeah, it's been ages since I've posted here. But, as [ profile] ponta_jun said, livejournal is still the best place to write about my life, the fangirl stuff and things that I won't post on Facebook. Tumblr is not as good as I'd like it to, so... (but I could be more friendly, I'm just not good at it on this network)

Sooooo !

Let's begin with a bit of fangirling. Fangirling is good. Always.

On June, 12th, [ profile] aqualillium [ profile] ponta_jun and I went to the "Struck by lightning" premiere in Paris. Chris Colfer (writer and actor) and Roberto Aguire (producer, actor - best character in the movie XD) were there to present the movie. We were totally exited to see him and it was a very good evening. The movie is really nice, although it did leave me with kind of a bitter feeling and I felt like there a lack of closure in several points. But it was fun, and the public was great. We were really afraid of big bad fangirls misbehaving. You know, in this fandom, there are crazy persons. But the public (estimation : 95% girls) was totally cool. A few girls couldn't help shouting "I love you Chris" and one cried when she talked to him but that was sweet and the Q&A was really good ! The questions were interesting and on subject ! I mean, we were really afraid of people asking personal questions etc as we could've seen on twitter or in US Q&As.
I couldn't go to the signing session Chris held today so I'm a little sad but I can't afford to take that many days off.
Here are photos of Chris and one of us in the theater ^^

haha I love this photo

In a few days, I will be (if my boss lets me take the day off) attending the "Girl most likely" premiere, with Kristen Wiig and Darren Criss. I can't wait ! <3

Series addict

As usual, I watch a few series. Three of them had their season finale not long ago.

Game of Thrones season 3 has just ended. It's frustrating that it lasts only 10 episodes ;_; Good thing is it is really a good serie, and I've got collegues who love it too so we have animated talk about it !
It's a bit late, but Glee season 4 has ended too. The general feeling for this season was not great, but the ending was somewhat satisfying. I mean that the school year is not finished so we will see the rest of it in season 5, and that was better than to rush things (and logical so they could go to Nationals). I do hope, though, that season 5 will be way better. I will continue watching because I'm weak and I want to see what happens with Kurt and Blaine (and hope Blaine's plans about marriage fall through).

Once Upon a Time ended some time ago too. It was great !!! I really like this show, and I'm glad with what they do with it. I mean, when season 1 ended, I was wondering what they would continue the serie with, and they've come up with an awesome plot. So satisfying. Plus great new characters (Hook, marry me) and twisted tales (Peter Pan's story is really interesting !). Can't wait to see season 3 !

Although I'm 3 series short for a while, I have others to watch (I always have something to watch, it seems).

Teen Wolf season 3 ! I'm so happy to watch this again. I mean, it's kinda silly but... not as much as it seems. It really is interesting. And I like the characters (not all of them though). Stiles forever <3 He is so cute with his new haircut. The season had a good opening, but I was really surprised to see Peter coming back and cooperating with the heroes as if he had never been a big bad wolf (!) before... but that's not so bad. (and OMG Desperate Housewive's Scavo twins !)

I'm also watching the new season of Awkward. It's not that great but I enjoy watching it... haha Plus ! The season 3 introduced a new character played by Nolan Funk !!! (the fabulous Hunter Clarington in Glee) He has an important role at that, so I'm glad ! :D I like Jenna with Matty but I admit I'm really team Collin, and I wouldn't mind if she chosed him over Matty (although that would be a bit heart-breaking).

I began "The Fall", a dark, heavy atmosphere serial killer story set in Ireland, with Jamie Dorman (Graham/the Hunter in Once Upon a Time - yeah, I totally started it because of him) and Gillian Anderson. It's very interesting, though a bit weird. It's like watching a very disturbing, long detailed episode of Criminal Minds.

I really have to catch up on a lot of shows (Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars), but my connexion was really bad these days (still is, actually), and I have trouble downloading and even watching in streaming...

I also continue watching Inazuma Eleven Go Chrono Stone, and I'm frilled because the new season (Galaxy) has begun !

Speaking of anime, I SO want to watch this :

I also wanted to watch Attack of the Titans but I couldn't because of the bad connexion... I will try again sometime.

Aaand, as for real life (althought the movie premieres were real life talking), everything is alright. I have a new roommate since yesterday, English, she seems super nice and we already watched an episode of Glee together ! :DDD She likes Kurt and Blaine : definitely seems nice.
My job is okay, although we were dying of boredom recently.

Oh, and I had a new haircut. My boss W says I look like a Playmobil (but we're just joking about this, he also says it looks really nice, 20's style)

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