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Hey ! How are you doing ?

Today, I'm gonna tell you about Japan Expo. It was on July 4-7th, and I went the four days. At first, I didn't want to go everyday, but a few reasons made me go :
Thursday : FIGURINES. I wanted to get my hands on the Tales of Petit Nendoroid, because when I went to Epitanime on May, they were sold out.
Friday: I was told that there were less people (kinda strange, though)
Saturday : It's the day the japanese fanzines/creators usually come, so...
Sunday : Promotions. And if I was going for three days, I might as well go on four, because the price is kinda the same.

On Thursday, I discovered that [ profile] mirabel_2007 and her husband were coming to the event too ! They arrived at 2pm, so in the morning I was alone, but met a friend and we did some games (blind tests and such). I also went to the figures point to buy the Tales of ones. [ profile] lacebird couldn't come before the Saturday so I was going to buy some for her. She told me to buy 2, then 2 more if I hadn't the ones she wanted most and then 2 more if I was out of luck. BUT. I couldn't do that. When I got there, there was a HUGE queue. And I knwe that I wasn't gonna be able to buy them bit by bit. So I figured I would buy 8 and we would share. But, I was really lucky because 8 is actually a whole box. and a whole box means all the different figures plus the secret one. So I told [ profile] lacebird about that and she asked me to buy one more box. I was right to do that because on Friday evening, the Tales of figures were sold out. So we have only one double figure as there are 7 models ! How awesome is that.

I met a lot of nice cosplay, played a few games, sang, as always. The best thing was probably the Nico Nico thing.

If you don't know about it, Nico nico is a video sharing website. Comments are overlaid on the video which can be fun. Here in Japan Expo, there was a song contest  (but nothing to win, actually) that was directly broadcasted on nico nico and the japanese viewers could write their comments about the singers and they had to vote at the end of each song to determine if it had been "cute", "sexy", "cool" or "beautiful". Beautiful was actually the best thing you could have, as in japanese it was the word for "skillful". I sung there twice. On Friday and Sunday. On Friday, I chose "Sousei no Aquarion", because I love that song and know it quite well. My throat hurt a lot so I couldn't sing well but I had fun anyway. I wanted to post the video Vincent took but it's way too heavy ;_; Anyway I got 60% of "beautiful" so I was glad (surprised XD but glad) The presenters said I sang really well japanese, and asked me if I spoke japanese so I said "a little" (in japanese) haha
On Sunday, I sang "Don't say lazy" from K-On. I got "beautiful" the most, but a lot of "cute" too. At the end, the presenters asked me to look at the camera and wink after the jingle XD Anyone said moe ?
Aaand just before I got to sing, Neeko came ! She's Reborn voice actor ! She wasn't on the guest list or anything so I guess she came out of curiosity or for a fashion show, as she's into fashion. She spoke a lot with a Reborn voice and that was quite fun and disturbing at the same time XD Here she is on stage :

And then with lacebird and me :

[ profile] lacebird also participated and sang a Black Jack song :)

And when I went to a table in the cultural area, a japanese man who owned the table told me he saw me singing and that it was beautiful /// So nice !

I also got the chance to meet Junko Takeuchi ! She is so cute ><
I got a sign from her *__*

I could also try some soon to be released games like Inazuma Eleven 3 ! Can't wait for it !!! Professeur Layton and the Azran Legacy, which I hope will come out soon because I just finished The Mask of Miracle !!! (well, the main plot, not every puzzle) (I say that but I have LOTS of games to play... first of all I need to finish Tales of the Abyss) I also tried Tales of Xillia on PS3 ** I pre-ordered it :D I recently bought a PS3 but I don't have a TV yet... XD' Well, it was on sale so it was a very good opportunity. I'll buy a TV soon.

And now on the photos !! I can't post everything so here's a selection :)

A male Madoka. There were a lot of boys cosplaying girls, I found it very nice. Here are a few :

A male Belle.

A Sailor Moon group : Mars, Moon and Venus are male.

Spit-fire-san, for [ profile] emonyna ;) Unfortunely I was in the queue to buy my Tales of figures so I couldn't take a better one T_T

A Cheerio !! Now it makes me think of Cory Monteith's death...

Endouuuu ! I was so happy to see Inazuma cosplays 8)

I met Matt Smith.

Lots of Kuroko's cosplays !

Turbo and King Candy ! They're so awesome *o*

Tsurugiii !

This Scarlet Witch *O*

A Krauser with glasses, for [ profile] histoirede :D

Attack on the titans :)

A beautiful Madoka group !!


Bossun !!!! :D

This Letter Bee was the cutest !!!

Me : Hi ! Can I take a picture of you ?
Her : Sure. You know that show ?
Me : Letter Bee ? I'm a fan !
Her : Then I have something for you.

I took the pic and then she gave me a letter ! She said there was a biscuit in it.
Me : That's so sweet ! Thank you !
Her : Don't mention it, it's my job to deliver letters !


Girl Loki ! And (I think) Margaery from Game of Thrones !

Not cosplay related photos :
I had looooots of compliments on my bag.


Aaand the best place in the whole convention : Saints Row.
Saints Row is a game on X-Box and the new one, Saints Row IV, will also come out on PS3 (Vincent is dying to play it :D) They made a booth were you could play the new game and the best part : take a picture of yourself as President of Saints Row, with a desk full of cash, guns and hot bodyguards. I went there with Vincent who played one of my bodyguards.
I couldn't chose a pic so I put all of them XD and they gave us presents : a bag with a badge, a poster and a hat ! (the white hat you can see on a lot of the pictures, because, luckily, it goes very well with the dress I wore that day !)

I then came back as a bodyguard for President [ profile] lacebird, whose first achievement as a president will be to kill of her opponents :D
How cool are we ?

Aaand here is everything I got from the con !
You can see the sign from Junko Takeuchi :)

Date: 2013-07-22 10:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Merci pour le Spitfire-san <3
Les garçons en filles sont super classe XD Les cosplays sont franchement beaux de manière générale >o<
(Dr Who ToT)

... Je vois un panneau The Guild.
Il y avait un stand The Guild ?
Il y avait Felicia Day ???

J'aurais tellement voulu venir, pour une fois que je ne peux pas XD

Date: 2013-07-22 10:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oui, il y avait plein de beaux cosplays !
(Le Matt Smith est incroyable, hein ? Audrey était trop jalouse, elle n'a pas réussi à le croiser)

Ecoute non, pas de Felicia Day, malheureusement. Mais elle viendra peut-être un de ces quatre ! ^^

Date: 2014-05-22 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hi !!! I'm the Turbo on that picture XD I am glad you liked our cosplay :) Also, there was an attack on titan thing at the last japan expo ? I didn't see it... *sad*

Date: 2014-05-22 08:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You were greaaat ! :D I didn't expect it ! Yes, the Attack on Titan booth was pretty cool !! ^^

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