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I posted this on Tumblr and thought I might as well post it here :)

I discovered it three weeks ago and I really like it. It’s a 7:30 min length per episode anime, opening and ending included, so if you want to try and end up not liking it, as least you won't have lost much time :) But a lot of fun in my opinion.
It’s about a girl, Yokoi, sitting next to her classmate Seki-kun, who is constently playing games instead of paying attention to classes. Yokoi tries to stop him but usually gets involved into his activities and gets scolded in place of him. I found it absurdly funny. Bonus point : Seki-kun is dubbed by Shimono Hiro (Tajima in Ookiku Furikabutte, Shô in Utapri, Tsubaki in Sket Dance) but is it really so great as Seki-kun BARELY speaks at all ! ;_;

Video of the ending because it’s awesome and depicts the serie quite well XD I like the opening a lot too, it also describe the anime in a short amount of time and the song is cute.
[Edit]Actually, here it is, because it's too cute and funny not to put it in this post.

Tonari no Seki-kun Opening par Yuguito_Yamazaki
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